How to Grant Open Access to a Paperback Mini Monograph?



Dr. Martin Eve (Eve, 2014) has an interesting article posted that deals with the possibility of Amazon killing a revenue channel for open access monographs. The argument goes that books are just a tad more labor intensive to produce than journal articles.

So how Does one Ensure Open Access and Still Generate Revenue to Keep the Publishing Enterprise Viable?

In the article Dr. Martin writes that economic solutions to make monographs open access could be freemium models, print and electronic subsidy, institutional subsidy and consortial models. In these models, it is suggested that

…publishers can recoup their costs by selling print versions of the monographs and or electronic versions… -Eve (2014)

He writes that could be accomplished by distributing an electronic version in PDF while trying to sell the eBook version on Kindle.

The problem, the academic publishing industry claims is Amazon.
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Why Publish with MindBodyMed Press?

mindbodymed-press-logo-color-largeWE ARE: MindBodyMed Press, an indie publishing company seeking to publish manuscripts dealing with mind-body medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, and nutrition. We are slightly biased toward publishing subject matter detailing the utilization of above modalities in cancer.

YOU ARE: A newly emerging or established author, clinician, practitioner, research scientist, or academic with a finished manuscript between 7,500 and 60,000 words. This will allow you to publish a high-quality mini-monograph in trade paperback and on popular e-book platforms.

Why Publish with MindBodyMed Press?

• Easy publication process
• Retain copyright
• Collect royalties
• Augment your authority

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Transformational Leadership & High-Intensity Interval Training

Transformational Leadership Himelhoch Cover Large

Transformational Leadership: Editorial Reviews

The remarkable contributions of leaders, such as Steve Jobs of Apple, to their organizations have rekindled interest in understanding the relationship between transformational leadership, its antecedents, and performance. This excellent exploration of the connection between physically fit leaders and their perceived transformational approaches helps scholars of management and organizations better understand the affiliation between transformational leadership and its antecedents. This is a must read for scholars of management!
–Allan Afuah PhD, Author of “Business Model Innovation: Concepts, Analysis, and Cases,” and Associate Professor of Strategy, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, The University of Michigan.

A new way to think about fitness, health, and occupation.
–Miki Carey, Owner, Gardens CrossFit, a “Top 15 CrossFit Gyms in America,” per

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The Experience of Being Diagnosed With Cancer


The Experience of Being Diagnosed with Cancer: Editorial Review

Far too little is known about what individuals go through when they hear those dreaded words, “You have cancer, ” and then have to deal with that information and the subsequent treatment. This pilot study helps us begin to understand what people experience and what they need from others in coping with this experience. Providing the necessary emotional support may prove to play as significant a role in the individual’s healing process as their traditional medical treatment. I highly recommend reading this important work. -Vann S. Joines, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Author

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