Why Publish with MindBodyMed Press?

mindbodymed-press-logo-color-largeWE ARE: MindBodyMed Press, an indie publishing company seeking to publish manuscripts dealing with mind-body medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, and nutrition. We are slightly biased toward publishing subject matter detailing the utilization of above modalities in cancer.

YOU ARE: A newly emerging or established author, clinician, practitioner, research scientist, or academic with a finished manuscript between 7,500 and 60,000 words. This will allow you to publish a high-quality mini-monograph in trade paperback and on popular e-book platforms.

Why Publish with MindBodyMed Press?

• Easy publication process
• Retain copyright
• Collect royalties
• Augment your authority

Here are a couple more reasons why considering the mini-monograph format might not be such a bad idea.

Key points why MindBodyMed Press will be a practical communication option for busy mind-body practitioners, clinicians and scientists:

The Competition:

a. Blogs:

i. Short, sweet, to the point, most the time of ambiguous quality pertaining mind-body medicine. Content is FREE and geared toward public. However, in most cases “you get what you pay for!”

b. Open Access Peer-review Publication:

i. High up-front costs to authors/institutions if work gets accepted (most publications charge authors $1,500 to $3,500 for the privilege to have their work published).
ii. What gets published? Mostly research that shows statistical significance.
iii. Intended audience: Scientific community. NO royalties to authors.

c. Traditional Peer Review Publication:

i. For the privilege to have your work published, there are no or little costs to authors; however, author assigns the copyright of the work to the peer review journal. They then publish the work and most often hide the work in a database only accessible with a costly subscription. Worse yet, you the author loses all rights to your content.

ii. What gets published? Mostly research that shows statistical significance.
iii. Intended audience: Scientific community. NO royalties to authors.

d. Traditional Book Publishing:

i. If the author is lucky and persistent enough, the book is accepted and then published with a publishing house. This works for titles of 80,000 to 100,000 words and above. Royalties to authors, but long and time-consuming process.

Publication with MindBodyMed Press:

a. MindBodyMed Press will be a platform that allows mind-body scientist/clinicians and practitioners to connect with the public closing a gap in current publication process.

b. Changing the way mind-body scientists/clinicians and practitioners communicate with the public by exposing their titles and work on mainstream platforms (Trade Paperback publication through Amazon.com and eBook publication through popular platforms such as Kindle, Kobo, etc.) and not specialized databases.

c. Titles are made available in Trade Paperback as well as enhanced eBook format (ePub v.3).

d. Quick Turnaround: Less than four months from acceptance to publication in most cases.

e. Author retains copyright

f. Author receives royalties (Yes! When your work is sold, you; the author will receive royalties).

g. Perfect for mind-body scientists/clinicians and practitioners who do not want or do nor need to subject themselves to a lengthy peer review process.

h. Manuscripts with scientific merit between ~7,500 and ~50,000 words (give and take on the higher end) are being considered for publication. Longer than blog posts, but shorter than books. Ideally, mini-monographs will be between 20k and 50k words in length.

i. Do not have to show statistical significance. Just need to follow accepted scientific processes for quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods research, reporting of case studies and literature reviews.

j. Unlike peer-review journals, MindBodyMed Press will also accept nonfiction titles as they pertain to mind-body medicine.

m. MindBodyMed Press will put high quality Mind-body medicine knowledge within economical reach of the public, without the need to have subscriptions to expensive, highly specialized databases and peer-reviewed journals.

MindBodyMed Press will present innovative new books published to discuss the quintessence of a mind-body medicine modality. Mini-monographs, as we will call them, are works between 7,500 and 50,000 words (ideally between 20K and 50k words), unconstrained by the technical requirements of the academic journal article and the ostentatious documentation of the full-length research monograph. Short, to the point, and insightful, mini-monographs will be written by experts in their field, being very informative, yet entertaining. This style will appeal to experts as well as the public by allowing authors some breathing room to elaborate and focus on debates of interest that is not possible in traditional peer review publications.

MindBodyMed Press’ Mini-monographs are selected based on basic scientific criteria without sacrificing the quality of carefully edited and produced content. Mini-monographs will allow for time-sensitive dialogue promoting mindful, intelligent debate, bringing novel perspectives and theoretical approaches within the reach of experts as well as the public.

Thank you for your interest in publishing with MindBodyMed Press.

Werner Absenger

Managing Editor/Publisher

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